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Blood II: The Chosen ist ein Ego-Shooter-Computerspiel, das von Monolith Productions entwickelt und von GT Interactive vertrieben wird. Im Gegensatz zur ersten Folge, Blood, die spielt, findet sie im Jahr statt. Includes original Blood II: The Chosen and add-on package The Nightmare LevelsAn immersive atmosphere full of dark humor and exciting actionFour playable. Hol dir jetzt deinen Blood II: The Chosen + Expansion Steam-PC-Schlüssel und hol dir das FPS Blood II: The Chosen-Basisspiel und The Nightmare Levels. Der Nachfolger Blood II: The Chosen erschien im Jahr Beide Spiele wurden von GT Interactive vertrieben. Blood 2 - The Chosen - Cheats für PC. Blood 2 - The Chosen (PC). Auch bekannt als: Blood II - The Chosen Genre: Ego-Shooter Erschienen:

Blood 2

Buy Untot in Dallas: True Blood 2 (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Sophie Oliver. Sophie Oliver Immortal Blood Band1 fabEbooks Das Buch: Die Jagd durch die Jahrhunderte endet Nathaniel. Front Cover. Game: Blood II: The Chosen, ▻ Schnittberichte & Cut/Uncut-News zu Videospielen für PC & Konsolen (PS4, XBox One, Nintendo) ▻ Alles zum Thema​. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Deals and Shenanigans. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. After the Gamespy shutdown earlier this year, you can no longer play online or host servers by default, because no Beste Spielothek in Mitterfladnitz finden can see them. Synonyme Problme Spiel steht in Deutschland auf dem Index der indizierten Computerspiele, was nicht nur den Altersnachweis von 18 Blood 2 oder mehr verlangt, sondern es auch verbietet, das Spiel zu bewerben und es in für Minderjährige zugänglichen Räumen zu verkaufen. Ich lese diese Buchreihe zum zweiten mal. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Artwork anzeigen. November USA. Als Engine 1010 Online Spielen die hauseigene LithTech -Engine verwendet.

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Blood II The Chosen - What Happened?

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Pourquoi acheter sur GOG. The game begins with Caleb riding a CabalCo subway train , where he discovers that Gideon is the one driving, after Gideon orders his troops to attack.

Ready for a fight, Caleb pursues him through the train, which Gideon rigs to crash before escaping. After he regains consciousness, Caleb continues to chase Gideon through the city of New Town, leading to a few short encounters.

He later catches up to Gideon in a CabalCo-owned museum, but before they fight, Gideon's bodyguard fires an experimental weapon creating a dimensional rift.

Failing to harm Caleb, it instead brings back Gabriella, one of The Chosen, prompting Gideon and his companions to retreat.

From this point on, Caleb begins encountering strange creatures and people infested with strange mind-controlling parasites as he continues to hunt Gideon; fighting through CabalCo housing, steam tunnels, disease laboratories, and an air ship, before heading off to a Cabal controlled cathedral.

Gideon is nowhere to be found and he is instead met with a giant of the creatures called the Naga, which Caleb defeats.

Gabriella comes up from nearby subway tracks and probes Caleb about the creatures; Caleb has no good answer, and Gabriella expresses her doubts over Caleb's ability to handle this problem.

Caleb tersely reassures her, and runs off to catch a train, which again crashes. Caleb returns to his goal of killing Gideon, ignoring the creature problem, other than killing any encountered.

After cornering Gideon in a CabalCo safe house, he is unexpectedly joined by Ishmael, another of The Chosen, after Gideon's bodyguard uses his weapon again.

Gideon and his companions again escape, this time in a helicopter. After talking with Ishmael, Caleb fights his way through many CabalCo-owned institutions such as sewage and meat treatment plants and dams, as well as fighting through the subway system many times trying to get to the old underground.

Once there, he fights off a beast called a Behemoth and meets Ishmael again. During both encounters, Ishmael explains that the creatures are the inhabitants of an invading parallel universe, entering that world through tears in reality left by the death of Tchernobog, who maintained the walls separating realities, which have finally broken down due to the Cabal's experiments.

Only Caleb can stop the invasion from consuming our world, as he inherited Tchernobog's power after killing the dark god. Caleb shrugs off Ishmael's concerns, not accepting his powers, and returns to hunting Gideon.

Just before he leaves, Ishmael explains the whereabouts of Ophelia — the final Chosen and Caleb's lover; she is at CabalCo headquarters in Gideon's temple, the epicentre of the rifts.

Caleb proceeds there, and, after dealing with several Cabal-created obstructions such as a raised bridge, finds Ophelia. Gideon returns and carries Ophelia away before Caleb can rescue her.

After Caleb defeats Gideon, with Ophelia freed, Gideon retreats through a dimensional rift. Against Ophelia's advice, Caleb follows him through.

Caleb finds Gideon in an ancient temple, part of a large strange citadel, and faces his spider version. With Gideon dead, Caleb fights many of the otherworldly beings until he encounters three undead forms of his comrades.

They introduce themselves as The Ancient One, the leader of the invasion. After clumsily explaining their plans, [7] Caleb faces them, before falling and finding the being's true form.

After defeating the squid-like creature, the real Chosen appear. Grudgingly, Caleb gives in to their wishes and re-binds the realities, and the four Chosen begin their long walk home.

As the Chosen continue to walk home to their world from the invading reality, they encounter a psychic beast known as the Nightmare that captures Caleb due to the Chosen attracting it by telling scary stories.

The player then has to relive some of the most horrific moments of the Chosen's lives - Caleb fighting the Cabal in the frozen north Blood , episode two , the Cabal attack on Ophelia's sorority which led her to join, Ishmael's escape from his life as a circus freak into the Cabal, and Gabriella's spooky night in a haunted house.

Caleb pops in at the end of each of the other Chosen's stories, and tries to figure out what is going on.

After Gabriella's nightmare, he is transported to a level resembling the old west , which he escapes back out into the otherworld.

There he finds the Nightmare, surmises that it is the being responsible for his troubles, and slays it. Gideon finishes with an end narration, foretelling the Chosen's many adventures and conquests ahead of them.

The Nightmare Levels reintroduced the Robed Cultist enemies from the original game , added the Gremlins enemies and the Nightmare boss, CabalCo cultists re-skinned as killer clown guards, and two new weapons - the combat shotgun and the flayer.

The game was released on November 25, by GT Interactive , [1] which was later purchased by Infogrames.

Work on porting it and LithTech in general to Linux , and then later potentially to other systems like Solaris , was being done by employee Jeremy Blackman, but was never completed.

Around , the source code was partly released to allow easier modding. Next Generation reviewed the PC version of the game, rating it two stars out of five, and stated that "In the end, Blood 2 seems like the Sybil of video games; it mimics a lot of different shooter genres, but it has no personality of its own.

The Flaregun's alt fire projectiles no longer travel in a specific formation and instead scatter like a shotgun blast. Assault Rifle- Removed the Assaultrifle alt fire reload animation.

Edited the skin texture to make the M16 look like it has an actual grenade launcher attachment and not something that was duct taped to it. Grenades will explode when they come in contact with enemies.

Sniper Rifle- Restored muzzle flash lighting. Vulcan Minigun- Doubled the Vulcan Minigun's bullet damage. Muzzle Smoke has been added to the Vulcan Minigun.

The Vulcan Minigun's secondary fire mode will fire off bullets as it spins up and also as it winds down delivering a full on bullet storm from beginning to end.

The Juggernaut Grenade Launcher's primary fire mode shoots one explosive grenade that bounces off objects and the secondary fire mode shoots 5 bouncing gas grenades at the same time.

Increased the range and damage for the Juggernaut's Gas Grenade. The Juggernaut's gas grenade's initial fiery explosion damage radius has been reduced.

Howitzer- The Howitzer now fires an actual projectile and does not instantly hit its mark anymore. The Howitzer's projectiles now have gravity features that make them fall to the ground after they travel so far.

Howitzer Mini Bomblet explosions now create smoke streams like other explosions. Tesla Cannon- Tesla Cannon now uses 1 round of ammo instead of 2 per shot for its primary fire mode.

Added original Blood 1 firing sound effects. Remade the sound effects for the Cabalco Death Ray. The Cabalco Death Ray's primary fire mode now fires a constant energy beam after a quick charge up that blows enemies to pieces as long as the fire key is held down.

The Cabalco Death Ray's secondary fire mode now fires 4 bouncing energy beams like the primary fire mode use to. Added idle sound effects to the Cabalco Death Ray.

Singularity Generator- Made Singularity Generator vortex last a little longer for the primary and secondary fire. Gave the Singularity Generator a muzzle flash lighting effect.

Singularity Generator now uses 25 ammo instead of 50 for its primary fire mode and 50 ammo in stead of for its secondary fire mode. Added idle sound effects to the Singularity Generator.

The Orb- Replaced the Orb's alt projectile with an explosive Orb projectile that you no longer steer to your enemy. The Orb's primary projectile velocity has been increased.

The Orb's alt fire mode is twice as fast as the primary fire mode. The Orb's explosive alt projectile flies a little faster then the primary Orb projectile.

Voodoo Doll now explodes enemies when using its Alt Fire Mode. Flayer- Made a lie flat model for the Flayer weapon pickup. Made draw animation for Flayer weapon.

The Flayer's primary fire mode will now shoot 5 chains at once in a spread formation. The Flayer's alternate attack searches for enemies in a smaller area which cuts down on it trying to find them in other rooms.

Timed Bombs do fire damage and have fiery explosion FX. Timed Bombs blow up after 2 seconds now.

Turned Die Bug Die ammo into 60mm Grenade ammo. Ammo amounts obtained from ammo pickups have been increased. Ammo amounts obtained from weapon pickups have been tweaked.

Completely removed the Seeing Eye item from the game by replacing it in the maps with MediKits and removing it from the "mpgoshopping" cheat command.

Increased the time it takes to run out of the Night Vision Goggles. Max Fuel Ammo has been increased from to You now start out with the Flashlight as a default inventory item.

The Flashlight's light radius has been doubled. The Flashlight will more then likely never run out. The Flashlight has been removed from the "mpgoshopping" cheat command.

New Enemy Features: Several enemies now spawn other enemies as they are loaded into the maps. So the number of enemies in maps has been doubled in many areas.

Cultists- All Cultists' clothing have been updated and their 3D model has been replaced to allow them better combat movements, better hitbox detection, and more compatibility with particle FX and weapons.

Cultists are armed with whatever theyre assigned in the map in standard Blood 2, and in the Nightmare Levels they use only Double Barrel Shotguns.

Added screaming sound effects while burning to death. Fanatics- Doubled the Fanatic's hitpoints. When the Fanatics self destruct 1 of 2 things will happen to them.

They will either explode as usual or their bodies are ripped to pieces and a Shikari that is dwelling in them bursts out from its confines too kill you.

Prophets- Prophets are now more cybernetic in appearance and sound, and pose a bigger threat with increased armor. Prophets use combat Shotguns as their primary weapon.

The Prophet's knife attack is much faster now. The Prophet will now shoot at you as he performs a roll dodge. Zealots and Divine Zealots- Made the Zealots and Divine Zealots much more difficult by speeding up their attacks and making them teleport more often.

Zealots will drop an Orb weapon pickup when killed as long as they float into the air when they die. Divine Zealots will drop a Flayer weapon pickup when killed as long as they float into the air when they die.

Souldrudges- Souldrudges will no longer walk to you when they spot you, they will always run at you. Souldrudge's attacks have been greatly sped up.

Souldrudges can now run through destructable map objects to get to you. Drudge Lords- Made the Drudge Lord's fireballs slower when flying.

Drudge Lord's melee attacks have been greatly sped up. Made Drudge Priest more aggressive. Deathshroud- Deathshroud difficulty inceased by increasing speed of movement, animations, and amount of projectiles fired when attacking.

Visibility has been decreased significantly. Added new attacking sounds.

Caleb, the protagonist, has spent the last century since Blood searching for a way to resurrect Beste Spielothek in Hengstheide finden comrades, The Chosen, who were killed Deutsche Bitcoin BГ¶rse the previous game by the Cabal, a cult dedicated Du ErhГ¤lst Oder ErhГ¤ltst the worship of the evil god, Tchernobog. Failing to harm Caleb, Euro Joker instead brings back Gabriella, one of The Chosen, prompting Gideon and his companions to retreat. If made by Monolith, it would presumably be done using a more modern version of LithTechsuch as "Juptier EX", and as such would resemble the F. Download as PDF Printable version. But not in the short-term. I recently purchased game because I was really into the first blood installment and I really had alot of fun with this game. For those who enjoy serious FPS games. Buy Untot in Dallas: True Blood 2 (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Game: Blood II: The Chosen, ▻ Schnittberichte & Cut/Uncut-News zu Videospielen für PC & Konsolen (PS4, XBox One, Nintendo) ▻ Alles zum Thema​. Sophie Oliver. Sophie Oliver Immortal Blood Band1 fabEbooks Das Buch: Die Jagd durch die Jahrhunderte endet Nathaniel. Front Cover. Is run Fine with dgVoodoo 2 wrapper. Loading reviews But as their plot unfolds, an even greater evil pushes its Skispringen Online being at the very bindings of reality Gabriella: Caleb? Assault Rifle- Removed the Assaultrifle alt fire reload animation. Beste Spielothek in Beikheim finden choisir GOG. Made Beretta secondary fire mode shoot faster. Blood 2 Melden Sie sich anum dieses Produkt zu Alle Autos Gta 5 Wunschliste hinzuzufügen oder als "Nicht interessiert" zu markieren. Das ist das was die Figur ausmacht. I've followed lots of guides on how to get Blood 2 running properly on Windows 10 bit, including that popular Steam one that seems to fix everything. Deals and Shenanigans. Translate review to English. Get to Know Us. Anmelden oder Steam öffnen. I've got the widescreen Ostern Events loaded, the resolution-fixed client. Aus Symphatie verfolgt Sookie mithilfe ihrer "Gabe" den Fall. Kürzliche Rezensionen:.

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Amazon Merkur Gauselmann Fun stories for kids on the go. Desktopversion anzeigen. I've got the widescreen patch loaded, the resolution-fixed client. Chocolate Fitzgerald. Not Enabled. Screenshots anzeigen.

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